Modern Spells and the Threshing Floor

While traditions often long to connect with something ancient and far older than our current neopaganism, there is something powerful about reaching through the flow of time, and bringing older magickal practices into a modern witchcraft context. The threshing floor was often a space of symbolism, magick, hard work, and gratitude for harvest. We could… Continue reading →

Gifts from Hekatean Skies

Starting just prior to Lammas, we reach its peak near the Feast of Hekate on August 13th. A ritual to her under a dark sky, with her mother’s stars to guide you, can be a powerful experience that changes your perception of what darkness and light can mean in your spiritual practice. … Continue reading →

Boundaries, Vulnerability, and the Cave in Dagobah

“That place… is strong with the dark side of the Force. A domain of evil it is. In you must go.“ “What’s in there?“ “Only what you take with you.“ ―Yoda and Luke Skywalker While my image isn’t a cave in the Star Wars Universe, it’s one in Ireland, the conversation between Yoda and Luke Skywalker has… Continue reading →

Hekate, Motherhood, and Childbirth

It has been my own personal gnosis, and that of many other devotees of Hekate that She is a goddess of Motherhood. She is given the epithet of Eileithyia, birth goddess, and also given the epithet of Kourotrophos, protector of the young. The torch of Eileithyia guides women through the burning pain of labour. As… Continue reading →


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