Witching with Jade

New year, new page, new Jade. 2023 is approaching, and as I reflect on the last number of years as Living the Liminal, it’s time to bring my services back into a focus that fits me. As I relaunch, this blog is becoming broader. The focus becomes my own path, my exploration of all things…

Modern Spells and the Threshing Floor

While traditions often long to connect with something ancient and far older than our current neopaganism, there is something powerful about reaching through the flow of time, and bringing older magickal practices into a modern witchcraft context. The threshing floor was often a space of symbolism, magick, hard work, and gratitude for harvest. We could…

Discernment in Witchcraft

There are often trends and rises in popularity for Witchcraft, with the latest tied to feminists reclaiming the word, astrological and political climate, popular TV and movie, and more. With this brings an incredible influx of new witches, asking questions that make many of us with 10+years of practice eyeroll and sometimes gatekeep! “They aren’t…

Hail Unto Thee… Adapting Ceremonial Magick for Hekatean Practice

Known as Liber Resh, the Four Adorations of the Sun in Thelemic practice, written by Aleister Crowley, mark the liminal times of the solar day. At sunrise, noon, sunset, and midnight, the suns liminal moments and directions are honoured. This year I adapted these to fit my understanding of Hekate as the World Soul, using…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Jade. I’m an author, astrologist, witch, and psychic. My practice is rooted in learning to practice and live in the liminal, that wonderful between space where we connect deeply to the world of spirit, and the world we live in. I hope that in reading my blog, you’ll learn some techniques, and take some time to reflect for yourself on Living the Liminal.


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