consult with me

Have a consult with me here, where you’ll find my regular divinatory and natal chart services, as well as specials.


Natal Chart Interpretation

With a basic interpretation, Jade will review your chart based on your exact birth time and location. We will look at your chart highlights, with a focus on directions for your life, your passions, and your talents. Approx 90 minutes.


Natal Chart Forecast

For returning customers. Are you looking for an updated forecast for the coming year? This 1 hour consult will examine the upcoming transits and progressions, and how they impact your life.



3 Card Reading

Simple guidance for mind, body, and spirit. You can ask one question to accompany this type of reading. Readings will be sent via recording, or typed, based on your preference.


Annual Lunar Cycle Forecast

Jade’s most popular divination, an annual forecast following the lunar cycle from one full moon to the next. These readings involve both cards and cleromancy as divined by the ancestors. Readings can be provided by recording or live via Zoom call. Approx 60 minutes.


1 Card, 1 Cleromancy

Need some basic guidance? Send a question to me and I’ll provide some no nonsense, straight forward divination with one card, and one object from my cleromancy bag. Readings will be typed or sent by recording, based on your preference.