Witching with Jade

New year, new page, new Jade.

2023 is approaching, and as I reflect on the last number of years as Living the Liminal, it’s time to bring my services back into a focus that fits me.

As I relaunch, this blog is becoming broader. The focus becomes my own path, my exploration of all things I am passionate about.

In the light of Yuletide, my passions have reignited. Photo by author.

I’ll continue to offer natal chart readings, and divinations for clients.

New this year will be a collaborative project with other Temple of Witchcraft members and dear friends: a podcast! That’s right, not only will you get to read my musings, you’ll get to hear me too.

Blessed be, Ashé.



Author: livingtheliminal

Witch, Priestess, Teacher, Student. Living the Liminal. Musing about Witchcraft.

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