Brooms Up Reviews — The Healthy Witch

The Healthy Witch: A Workbook for Optimal Health

by TJ Perkins, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Red Feather Mind | Body | Spirit. Health, Mind & Body. Pub Date 28 Sep 2019

“As within + so without = a healthy witch. But getting there takes the right magikal work. This holistic witchy workbook combines medical knowledge with magikal healing to put you where you need to be to get the most out of your life. Learn to personalize your healing needs by fusing skills in magik and nutrition, conducting rituals, and employing specialized spells. Using the pentagram model, take a healing journey through each organ in your body, allowing you to gain optimal health via signs, suggestions, and practical tips. Examine each element, and discover how your organs interact and affect your magikal energy flow. The tools here will guide you to becoming a naturally healthy witch, enabling you to work with the Goddess from a place of sacred well-being. A healthy witch is a successful witch!”

Book description from Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

One intersection of living the liminal is no more overlooked than that of physical health and witchcraft. In this book, TJ Perkins brings together both, with a fierce and challenging look at optimizing health through challenges of physical pain, menopause, and more. I appreciated the focus TJ brings to this area.

TJ’s approach builds on that of the pentagram – each point representing one of the elements and uses the body for various correspondences with each element. She then delves into each with questions designed to help you understand areas of imbalance in your physical and spiritual self. Following the sections of the workbook devoted to this reflective exercise, she shares various ritual baths and candle magick, as well as crystal grids to support healing.

The second section was definitely the highlight for me. The rituals, the correspondences, and simple rhyming spells were perfect for witches of all experience levels, and shared enough detail to understand how to work through a ritual. TJ also reminded the readers throughout the book that these practices for healing are not “one and done” magick – that healing, whether physically or magickally completed, take time and continued effort.

For the first section, I would say I struggled with some of the medical information shared. As a health professional I had a difficult time not letting that knowledge come into play, and I would encourage readers to remember that TJ is not a health professional and sharing her own knowledge and experience. Should you decide that you do have imbalance in one or more of the pentagram points, it’s important to work with your health care provider(s) alongside the witchcraft. This is one way to live the liminal and work with both. My friend Mat just wrote a great blog about this very thing, combining the woo woo and the science. I encourage you all to check it out.

Overall, I give this book 3.5/5 brooms up!

Available for pre-order by clicking the (affiliate) link here.

Many thanks to Schiffer Publishing Ltd for providing the book for review.  

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